Poor Knight part 1 – with Christmas bread – DESSERT

In the old days french toast was also called and know as german toast. In France they say to the same dish pain perdu – lost bread. And around 1500 in Germany this recipe from old bread was first mentioned as Arme Ritter and still we use this name. Translate that means Poor Knight and in England they know this delicacy also under that name and where it can be part of an english breakfast. But already the people in Roman times shortly after Jesus Christ was born fry bread. And not because of that, but having old sweet Christmas bread around that time I invented once Poor Knights from what is here called Christstollen.
So for christ sake here we go: cut your christmas bread into slices and turn them around in a row egg mass and fry this with a little oil or butter. As this bread with raisins and other dry fruit pieces is already quiet sweat I just add to the egg mass salt, very little peper and in this case some cinnamon. And not liking sugar I scratch off the powdered sugar on top – before cutting the slices. But still this is a sweat and the first part of my Poor Knights variations. But as dessert it should be eaten last and it is surely a royal pleasure. And on New Year‘ Eve I served my Christstollen Armer Ritter with fruits and a home made dark chocolate sause with a little sea-salt, Chili and cherry brandy – the so call Schnaps. Cheers and I hope you enjoy this one day with or without Christmas bread.

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