Poor Knight part 2 – with pretzel bread – SALAD

I think nearly everyone interested in food has heard somehow of pretzel and that there is a German connection behind this bakery. There exits many different pretzel snacks around world and the snacks come from the so called laugen bread which exits in eben more forms in Germany. But surely the pretzel typ is the most known and common. This bread typ is treated with a special and name giving lye – the lauge and so we say Laugengebäck and you can say lye bakery. But how this a little bit more tart tasting wheat bread was invented is a myth. And there a many of them and especially in the south where it was invited. The bavarians have a Version and the Swabians have another one and being a Swabianlationo I call this bread our invention.
So for Christ sake here we go: cut the lye roll, a Laugenstange or baguette into slices and turn them in a row egg mass that you have previously seasoned with sea-salt, peper, chili, oregano and ideally fresh grated parmesan. And you sure have to mix and scruple that before the bread passes through and you fry the slices. The Salat in the middle has also a little parmesan but what makes the dressing even more special is a sweat mustard. And as a friendship approach I state clearly this is a great Bavarian invention and together with a little peper, salt, vinegar and oil you get a great salad dressing. In this case I used an apple cider vinegar instead of a much more strong but surely also good red balsamico vinegar from Itlay and a white balsamic would also make it because the sweat mustard is the match maker. I hope you enjoy this one day with or without being or becoming a fan of the soccer club Bayern München. Because as I live in Hamburg St Pauli and the colors of this soccer club are white and brown as this special bread I want to devote my Laugen Armer Ritter – this Poor Knights to my Club 1.FC St Pauli from 1910.

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