blue berry chili lemon gin tonic

My habit of always buying blue berry when they come from my second home country Chile led me to create this drink, because I’m not a big fruit eater. And so the inspiration for this drink was this very healthy fruit that in German summer of corse can be made with Blaubeeren from my first homeland.
The mixing is so simple as the drink is good. Cut a little fresh chili or take a powder and then add fresh lemon juice to mash all direkt in the glass. Then let blue berry join this on going mash up and the amount of gin and tonic is up to your taste. With ice you will rock through the night and a few days ago I mixed this to go for two friends that celebrated their birthday. And long time ago I made a more smoothie version for the lovely woman that lived at that time next to me and had also birthday. Because of the color this is for me also a love drink and a great aperitif. Enjoy and some cheese cubes match perfect with the rest of the blue berry 😉

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