Amuse Geul – mise en bouche – two kitchen greetings

For me a Greeting from the kitchen – and especial at home and privat – is an announcement. A preparation and conformity for what will come more or less soon. And so I make my Amuse Geul or Amuse Bouche how the Frenchman say – mostly out of ingredients that will later on also be served, but in a different way. And as I like my Greeting from my kitchen be presentet and eaten from a chinese soup spoon it is therefor a miss en bouche what can be translatet as mouthing or something to put in your mouth all at once as it is served on the spoon. Some may no this spoon thing also from the german TV show the taste, but I many years ago experience that spoon feeling at the Restaurant Mess in Hamburg Caroviertel. I worked there a short time as a trainee and unfortunately the Restaurant doesn’t exist any more. But never the less I want to sent a Greeting to my chef at that time Mr. Kunst. Yeah, that was really his – Mr. Art and thanks for teaching me in a short time a lot and we both now, why it was just a short time, but you were surely not the reason. But now to this little spontaneous kitchen Greeting, that just reflects a little what I learned in this kitchen, but later one in this blog I will surely once take Mr. Art as a more bigger Muse for a different culinary greeting. Meanwhile I hope every one enjoys this Asien-Italien Fusion.

Here we go: cut into a slice a balsamic onion, that you can make by your self or ready made at a supermarket in a glass. If you wanna make it put some honey in a heated pan, than add peeled onions or shallots and let them get some roasted flavors and let them caramelize and then after around 5 to 7 minutes you deglaze with balsamic and let it coke some more minutes if you want to use this as a antipasti and many minutes more if you want to use this a sauce or side dish for a meal. Especially with meat this matches perfect. But how to make a jus is another story – with a lot of time and wine that has to added. Meanwhile drinking wine and cooking this I have sliced some cherry tomatoes into 4 quarters and have put them at 150 degree in the oven. Without the inside of the tomatoes and just a little salt on this tomato filets. Around 15 minutes are okay, but if you have time to start even earlier, so they can dry more, the intenser they get. Besides the onion slice lies now on all 4 spoons a little dry tomato slice and a little balsamic. And sure you can also by dry tomatoes at the supermarket, but you don’t get medium dry ones there and if you get them swimming in oil please dry them a least a little 😉
Now on two spoons I add a little soy sause, dry oregano and fresh parmesan splinter. On the other two spoons I add a salmon cream out of the dry fish, the tomato inside rests, tomato mark, very little mayonnaise, chili powder and fresh lemon juice. Voilà enjoyment and I did it with a special person and a chardonnay white wine is for me a perfect match to the complementary spoon mouth stimulation.

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