home made pretzel snack – sweet mustard and chili

I love the flavored pretzel pieces by an american company that exits since 1909 and is linked with Hannover, a german town in the north of Germany and near Hamburg. But as the pretzel comes original from the south of Germany (as I do) I allowed myself to make a home made pretzel snack that reflects my styl of taste. Because so much I like the flavor honey mustard and onion I would like to have at the same time this snack more sharp and more spicy. And so my pretzel snack is made with a bavarian sweet mustard that I painted with a brush on a normal pretzel from a bakery that I have cut before into pieces. And after that I add some chili powder and happy to have a mapuche spice called mercan I use chili from the chilian natives and I bought it also in my second home country. After painting and powdering I put the pretzel pieces into the oven at 150 degree for 12 minutes. Depending on how hard or crunchy you want your snack let it longer inside the heat and the pretzel for this snack must not be fresh 😉 And to this snack, as you can see cheddar cheese cubes match perfect and in shops you get also the brezel snack with that flavor but I prefer to have the cheese apart. Enjoy this with or with out german beer. Cheers.

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