Salmon-balsamico onions-guacemole

I like the classic mexican guacamole, but at the same time I like to variate avocado towards new taste experiences. And so this time I added to a mashed avocado some salmon cut into small pieces. You can either use raw sushi quality salmon, as for a seviche or smoked salmon. Further I add also little cubes of balsamico onions. How you can make balsamico onions home made you can read in the post before – two kitchen greetings. This ingredients are seasoned with some sea salt, little peper, orderly chili powder, a teaspoon orange jam, jelly or fruit paste and the juice of a half fresh lemon. And if you want surely fresh coriander or parsley make it taste, look and feel more fresh and green. Enjoy and I like to eat this with water crackers or a good and toasted bread with of course white wine. And as this is kind of a chilian guacamole for me – a Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is my wine recommendation.

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