Veal with guacamole and violette potatoes

I grew up in the south of german and there exits a famous dish called „Zwiebelrostbraten“ (beef with a lot of onions). Inspirited by that meal I invented long time ago a south american version of this delicacy, which I’m presenting today with veal. Instead of cooking it with a steak what also fits. But as this young beef, the so called veal from the calf is not so dominate and strong in it’s taste compared to the grown up animal, it fits better with my guacamole topping.
So here we go: cook the violette potatoes or any other kind of potato, prepare a guacamole and then fry the veal with the cooked potatos. Salt for everything and peper just for the calf at the end.
For this guacamole I cut a red onion in very little pieces. Chefs call them brunuoirs. Then add the juice of a half lemon and salt to the onions in a little bowl and mix this for 10 Minutes. If you are a smoker do also that meanwhile. If not start immediately to cut a Tomato in to little cubes and enjoy the music you’re listening or chat ;). Then give the tomato to the onions and add the avocado. With a fork you mash and mix all that and according to your taste you add chili and fresh parsley or coriander.
The most important thing is to taste. New things and also what you are cooking at the moment. If you are happy with the taste serve the meal as shown in the foto or the way you like.
I hope you enjoy this and I did it with a red wine, but especially in summer rosé is also a match.

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