Poor Knight part 3 – with zucchini – STARTER

Everything you fry and coat with a egg mass can be called Poor Knight. But you must not call it that way and I call my zucchini variation made that way zucchini taler. To the raw egg mass I add salt, peper, chili, thyme and ideally freshly grated parmesan. After cutting the zucchini in slices I pull them through this egg parmesan mass and fry them. Starting next I fry some scampi with Mediterranean herbs, Chili and sea-salt. Please don’t fry them to long and around one minute per side at a medium temperature and then add at the end some fresh lemon juice. The best is to prepare before frying the rolls of smoked salmon and before rolling them in kind of little roses I reap some honey dill mustard on. The Plate is painted with a tomato pesto which I bought in this case ready like the sweat dill mustard. Additional some cress and then mount on every zucchini taler a Scampie and Salmon roll. Drink to this earth water lily adventure your favorite white vine and chardonnay for me fits as good as Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling even if they are all very different. Enjoy – and eating just zucchini taler as a side dish, tapas or snack is also great and once I made just the Zucchinitaler for a buffet in a kindergarden where I worked at that time as cold finger food. Even fried it still is a healthy pleasure and that way here it is spectacular starter.

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